«Do not go to war,Obamushka!» Обращение оренбургской бабушки к президенту Обаме

Dearest President Obama!
I appeal to you, a simple grandma
from Orenburg, the steppe province,
I'll talk to you in good conscience!

Stop, my dear, your angry flood,
You will choke on someone else's blood!
Our kids are not guilty to answer for
the rich that have waged this war!

Angry demons have crept into your head.
You will choke on Russians like I said!
Forgive me, Obama, you have no idea
that even my relatives live in Crimea!

Whatever you say, whatever you vote
Crimea was ever for Russia, note!
You say: "Democracy" again and again
but you are with the fascist brethren!

Be careful with Bandera followers
I know these ugly-mugged warriors.
They came to our village anytime!
They didn't hesitate to kill anyone!

I'm talking like your own grandma:
too much anger in you, dear Obama!
If you would only pray and repent
you wouldn't toil yourself, you'll be content!

And I promise to you and I swear
to say in the temple of God a prayer.
Reconcile with Vladimir, try,
so that all the fascist scum die!

Obamushka, come to me, to our area!
We'll pray together for America.
I'll introduce you to our church Father!
You will wash your face with holy water!

I'll make pancakes when you are here!
Do not go to war, my dear!


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